Dr. Luke Demands Lady Gaga Testify and Give Up Text Messages Connected to Kesha Lawsuit

Lady Gaga's been dodging Dr. Luke, refusing to be deposed in the Kesha case, but now he wants the judge to force her to do it.

Dr. Luke filed docs demanding Gaga firm up a date when she will sit for the depo. In the docs, Luke says she tried to offer up a written statement instead ... but he says that's not good enough. He wants his lawyers to grill her face-to-face for no more than 3 hours.

The hot topic Luke wants her to open about is a text message convo between Kesha and Gaga. According to the docs, the texts include Kesha saying she'd been abused by Luke, and imploring Gaga to join a "smear campaign against [Dr. Luke]." Luke says that campaign included Gaga urging Sony Music to cut ties with him, and promoting "Free Kesha" on social media.

Luke's lawyers subpoenaed Gaga to get a copy of the texts, but according to the docs ... the copy they got was so heavily redacted it was incomprehensible.

Luke wants the judge to force Gaga to turn over a completely un-redacted version immediately.