Danny Dyer reportedly moves out of family home and into rented flat amid rumours of marriage trouble with wife Joanne Mas

The 39-year-old soap star was previously said to be staying at a hotel near the studios where Eastenders is filmed – but the publication claims he was now seen moving out of his home he shares with partner of 20 year Joanne Mas.

Removal vans were seen outside the property, and Danny’s co-star Kellie Bright was helping with packing. She was also said to have purchased him a kettle as a moving gift.

A local told The Sun: "It took two lorries to move all his stuff there. Then there were three strong men there to take it all in.
"Almost everything he had looked like it had been ordered brand new from John Lewis.
"There was a lot of flatpack stuff and I got the impression that two of the workers were there to help him assemble it."

The soap star’s personal life hit the headlines in recent days after reports claimed that he had a fling with Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding while they were filming together.
The pair filmed Run For Your Wife back in 2012 – a flick in which blonde singer Sarah Harding played his wife.
Danny’s wife Joanne Mas is reported to be "humiliated" after the reports broke, with their relationship said to be under "serious pressure".

Of Danny and Sarah’s alleged fling, a source told The Sun: "Danny and Sarah spent a lot of time together learning lines, running through their scripts and practising their kisses.

"They had a lot of laughs and spent more and more time together preparing for the ­various shoots."
Sarah believed that Danny wasn’t in a relationship and was living with his father at the time.