Now Usually R. Kelly Doesn't Do This but Uh, He Rubbed Some Fan's Phone on His Crotch During a Concert

It's the freaking weekend and R. Kelly is going to have him some fun! After reports surfaced that the R&B singer was allegedly holding women against their will and forcing them to participate in a "sex cult," he's under fire again for yet another sexually explicit act.

During his concert in Virginia Beach on Friday night — his first since the cult allegations broke out — the R&B singer gave fans quite the show. During the seductive performance, the 50-year-old encouraged a female fan to touch him as he bent down on stage and encouraged another to give him her phone, which he then rubbed on his crotch.

TMZ reported that the star took the stage nearly an hour and a half late and only performed for about 45 minutes. Witnesses also said that the venue, which can hold up to 20,000 people, was less than half full. We can't imagine why!

Earlier this month, Buzzfeed broke the news that he had been holding women against their will for more than a year. One of their concerned mothers recently spoke out and said that her daughter first met R. Kelly in May 2015 under the impression that he was going to further the 19-year-old’s music career.

On Friday, R. Kelly took to Twitter thank his fans, despite ahem, rubbing some people the wrong way, if you will. He wrote, "VIRGINIA BEACH showed love last night. Grateful for all my fans supportin & lovin' on ya boy for 30yrs. BALTIMORE...time 2 turn up! See U soon." Hopefully his fans in Maryland learn from this and stand far, far away from the stage.