Rihanna Loves To Date ‘Bad Boys’ — ButShe Made An Exception For Hassan

Bad Girl RiRi may be drawn to very bad boys, but there was something about Hassan Jameel that made her go good this time! Sources says Rihanna is loving her new relationship with Hassan who is so different from her usual brand of men.

Rihanna, 29, has got a hot new beau, Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel, and he may be exactly what the doctor ordered to cure her case of bad boy fever. RiRi has been known to date players like Chris Brown, 28, and Drake, 30, so it’s hard to imagine her with a more down to earth man. But that’s exactly what a source close to the songstress tells HollywoodLife.com she’s found in Hassan. Click here to see pics of Drake and Rihanna.

“RiRi loves to date bad boys, so Hassan is a bit of a departure from her normal type,” a source close to RiRi says. “But he still keeps her own her toes.” Hey, that’s something all girls love. A little spiciness in a romance is more than okay. “If a guy is too hooked, she loses interest. It’s ironic because she thought it would be easier to date a billionaire than a rapper.”

Maybe the relationship is a little harder in certain ways, but in others it could be easier. Rihanna is finally dating someone who is a little further out of the spotlight and definitely out of the music world. For now she’s been able to keep their relationship very intimate and few details have slipped out. Sources says there are other guys who are dying for the chance to date her and her ex Drake is definitely not pleased with the match, calling Hassan a “player.” Judge not lest ye be judged, Drizzy!